Nonviolence and civil resistance in Israel and Palestine

Start: February 6, 2017

Enrollment opens: January 23,  2017


Marcella Simoni
    Ph.D. (London 2004), is Assistant Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Between 2004 and 2010 she has been teaching at New York University in Florence. She was research fellow at Brown University (1995; 1997), at the University of Oxford (1998), in Los Angeles (2001), at the Centre de Recherche Francais à Jerusalem (2009-2010), at INALCO, Paris (2010-2011), and received the Alessandro Vaciago Prize of the Accademia dei Lincei. Marcella Simoni has published two books (A Healthy Nation, Cafoscarina 2010; At the Margins of Conflict, 2010) has co-edited three books (with A. Marzano, Quaranta anni dopo, Il Ponte, Bologna 2007 and “Roma e Gerusalemme”. Israele nella vita politica e culturale italiana, ECIG, Genova 2010; with A. Tonini, Realtà e Memoria di una disfatta, FUP, Firenze). She has published on various scientific journals. She is currently working on the history of conscientious objection in Israel. She is founding and board member of «Quest. Issues in contemporary Jewish History».
Emanuela Trevisan Semi
    Is Associated Professor of Modern Hebrew and Jewish Studies in the Department of Asia and North African studies at Ca’ Foscari University. Her main research focuses on marginal groups and movements in contemporary Jewry analysed through anthropological, historical and literary tools.

Course objectives

    Analyse, deconstruct and evaluate the role and the impact of some individuals, political groups, ONG (Israeli, Palestinian or mixed) that, in the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have approached the Other through non-violence and civil resistance. One broader objective of this course is also to bring to light their experience and to avoid their exclusion from the narratives of the conflict.

How the course is organized

    The course includes six teaching units:
  1. Introduction to the course
  2. History, memory, historiography in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  3. Militarism, anti-militarism, nonviolence and peace-building in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  4. Gender in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  5. Religion and secularism in Israel and among Palestinians
  6. Media and communication for peace-building across Israel and the Palestinian Territories

How my progress will be tracked

    Each unit ends with a 10 questions test. In order to pass the test you will need to answer correctly to at least 6 questions.

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